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Sales and Marketing careers

Fintech Sales and Marketing recruitment has never been more in demand as a revenue-generating function for many of today’s leading FinTech companies.

Sales and marketing are crucial roles in the Fintech industry, as they execute sales strategies and maximise business revenue streams. They are skilled networkers with strong partner management skills who are used to identify commercial opportunities with key clients and nurture existing and new client relationships.

Participating actively in the senior marketing leadership team, coordinating with C-Suite members to promote marketing innovation, and collaborating with Financial Directors, VPs, and CFOs to streamline the business model and increase revenue. They will also collaborate closely with Product teams to ensure a thorough understanding of the product in order to provide the best possible service to customers and clients.

Whether you are looking to hire a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) to shape and drive your business goals, or a Head of Partnerships to manage client relations, we have the right candidates for you.

Sales and Marketing

We have access to some of the best sales and marketing talent in the market as a specialist Sales and Marketing recruitment agency. Storm2 has a dedicated team of specialists who bring together leading sales and marketing talent with the most progressive companies to form exclusive and elite teams, ranging from Chief Marketing Officers to Senior Sales Managers.

With proven experience of working in Fintech across Europe, Asia and North America and playing a part in building highly successful sales and marketing teams, we’re ready to help you with your next sales and marketing role. Contact our team of specialist Sales and Marketing Headhunters if you would like to discuss your next role or if you are looking to grow your sales and marketing team.