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Award-winning FinTech recruiter Storm2 have launched their second global hub in Singapore.

The specialist recruitment startup launched in August 2019 and, following 18 months of success connecting C-Suite FinTech professionals to innovative businesses worldwide, the company have expanded to service the APAC region. Storm2 currently operate out of London but, with their clients based all over the world, plans for global expansion were always on the cards. Having already hired 10 specialist consultants in Singapore, the team are looking to double their local headcount during 2021.

Candy Choong, Director of Storm2 and leading the Singapore launch, said, “The market opportunity in APAC for FinTech is incredible. We plan to support the growth of our clients by connecting them with outstanding talent. 2021 will be an interesting year for InsurTech and RegTech, as Singapore has barely scratched the surface on these domains in comparison to other global FinTech hubs.”

Storm2 founder James Brown said “Due to its high international profile, Singapore was the obvious choice for us to launch our second office and establish our presence in Asia. We are extremely fortunate to have acquired Candy, as an outstanding leader for the Asia-Pacific business. I am certain that her team will quickly establish themselves as the go-to FinTech recruiter for the APAC region.”

For press enquiries please contact: Chelcie Harry, Marketing Manager –

Company bio:

Storm2 are the leaders in global FinTech recruitment, connecting organisations with the talent to drive their mission. Launched in 2019 with the highest institutional backing in UK recruitment history from Puffin Point Investments, the company has recently completed their third round of funding. Their highly specialised teams cover key FinTech skillsets across C-Suite in Product Management, Finance & Operations, Engineering & DevOps, Sales and Risk & Compliance. They are the leading provider of FinTech-focused information to clients for market compensation and best practice in diversity & inclusion, hiring and retention.

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