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The FinTech industry has grown tremendously over the last couple of years and so has the consumer adoption of digital-first financial services. As we make the transition from brick and mortar to mobile or laptop screen, the importance of product management has arguably never been higher. In a digital-first business, which FinTechs are, your product and/or service offerings are your bread and butter.

Take digital banking as an example. If a mobile banking app is built and designed in an unintuitive and difficult-to-navigate way, winning customers will be a daunting task. If customers can’t interact with their own money with ease, you run the risk of causing frustration and a diminishing customer base.

This whitepaper looks at the ideal Product team structure for your FinTech and explores the key departments within your team at each funding stage (Pre-Seed to Series E).

The whitepaper aims to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need a Chief Product Officer?
  • How many managers do you need in your team per person?
  • Do you need a Product Design or Product Marketing team?

Download your copy of Storm2’s ‘Product Team Structure (Europe Edition)’ whitepaper below.