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On an average, Pre-Seed funded FinTechs have at least 2 Software Engineer in their team.

Engineering roles is one of the most complex and challenging tasks for a startup due to its niche and technical skills. As the technologies of the FinTech industry advances and evolves rapidly over time, so does the need for Engineering roles within a FinTech startup.

In this whitepaper, we find out what is the ideal Engineering hires for FinTech firms in various funding stages, based on the successful FinTechs in the current market. We have gathered the data from 180 FinTech companies within Asia Pacific to have examine the various Engineering roles and team structures to understand which Engineering hires and leadership roles are prioritized. By consolidating the market insights and data, we believe this data-driven resource will add value for FinTech firms when planning for their ideal Engineering team and leadership.

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