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WTFinTech: State of the Payments Industry 2023

By April 13, 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments5 min read

We recently hosted a webinar on all things Payments. Our very own Navin Premkumar had the chance to sit down with three expert marketers to discuss how the Payments space has developed and what we can expect in 2023. On that note, a big thank you goes out to Vanessa Schotes, Felix Pace and Andy Mura for taking part in the webinar as panellists and for sharing some great insights with us.

Here are a couple of video snippets to the question 📹

“How do I get into FinTech without the ‘necessary’ industry experience?”

Vanessa Schotes

Chief Marketing Officer at Enfuce

“So I’m going to challenge back on that. As someone who’s hopped industries, like there’s no tomorrow, my advice would almost be to become your own product marketer. You need to be able to articulate the value you can bring. And whether that use case is SaaS or FinTech, I really strongly believe in transferrable skills.

I also believe that people from across industries can bring interesting things to the table. What I want to see as someone who’s hiring is the capability and ability to think to take what I need to bring to market and have the right skill set to do that. So, in my mind, I don’t see it that way, and I think you actually need to free yourself of that thought.

I think the more you put yourself in that bucket and see it as a barrier, the more you create a box in your own head, so overcome that box. You might come up against people who will, everyone will always ask for industry experience, but they will also ask for a unicorn that can fly backwards. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Pitch and articulate the value you bring into the equation and how you can hack the problem that’s at hand. Sometimes we have to free ourselves of the perceptions even others might have because that’s how you overcome them.”

Felix Pace

Head of Marketing at Kadmos

“I’m a trained dancer, so, I think it depends on the job description. Sometimes you need someone who needs a very specific skill set. Because especially for people like me who are job-hopping and who know their weaknesses. I sometimes want a professional person who knows.

Then it’s team composition as well. As a hiring manager and a new person, you have to know what skillset you are adding to your team and what can also be balanced. I’m a very creative guy. So I know what I sometimes need is the opposite, someone, I can spar with and it’s not in the team then.

The first thing is – find someone that I can hire to help me thrive and to also help that person thrive.”

Andy Mura

Marketing Director at Ratepay

“In my opinion, if you don’t even get to talk to a company because of that, or that’s the real reason, probably it’s good that you’re not talking to that company because being that close-minded means that they’re going to be throughout the entire process.

It’s nice to have, of course, because your onboarding is shorter. But there are transferable skills, especially in marketing. You would never sell exactly the same thing, and even within the same industry, it’s completely different.

Secondly, if you get to talk to the company and they still complain about that, the best thing is always to ask why. ‘Why’ is the key question to deconstructing principles that people have.”


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