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If you’ve read the title and thought about how many European WealthTech articles can one person write, don’t worry this is the last one out of the series…I promise.

At this point, several articles in, we’re all familiar with the term WealthTech and its composition of the two words Wealth and Technology. The FinTech subsector has undoubtedly taken off over the last years and with European inflation rates nearly hitting 6 percent, it comes as no surprise that consumer adoption of WealthTech products and services has significantly increased. This is supported by the amount of capital being invested in the sector. On a global scale, WealthTech funding hit an eye-watering +$20bn in 2021.

Consumers that are looking to grow their money through a web or mobile app are spoilt for choice. New startups are popping up regularly or they are coming out of stealth mode. It can be quite grueling and time-consuming to crawl the web for the best wealth-growing solution for your needs so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. From robo advisors to neobrokers to digital investment platforms to savings apps to…you get the point… there are a lot of different options, the list covers a healthy amount.

wealthtech app

WealthTech Europe: The Crème de la crème

Below are 10 WealthTechs we believe are the ones to watch in 2022. Admittingly, three of the companies were identified by IBSintelligence as key players in the sector this year. Given the growth and development of the 10 European WealthTechs over the last years, we definitely won’t put it past them to have an incredible 2022. The list is in no particular order as we’re fans of each company and the product/service they provide.

  • Scalable Capital
  • Trade Republic
  • BUX
  • Moonfare
  • Bitpanda
  • Liqid
  • Qapital
  • InvestSuite
  • additiv
  • Ginmon

Scalable Capital

scalable capital logo

Company Snapshot

Munich, Germany

Founded in 2014


Series E

Total Amount of Funding: €266 million

Valuation: $1.4 billion

The Munich-based WealthTech is one of Europe’s most promising digital investment platforms. The FinTech offers its customers a broker, wealth management (robo-advisor), and crypto trading platform.

Trade Republic

trade republic logo

Company Snapshot

Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2015


Series C

Total Amount of Funding: $995.5 million

Valuation: $5.3 billion

The German neobroker enables millions of Europeans to grow their money; offering users savings plans, stocks and ETFs, crypto, and derivates trading.


bux logo

Company Snapshot

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Founded in 2014


Series C

Total Amount of Funding: $115.8 million

Valuation: $1 billion

BUX, the Amsterdam-based zero-commission broker, allows customers to invest in stocks, ETFs, and crypto.


moonfare logo

Company Snapshot

Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2016


Series C

Total Amount of Funding: $201.4 million

With 1.5 billion Assets Under Management (AUM), Moonfare is the leading global platform for private equity investing.


bitpanda logo

Company Snapshot

Vienna, Austria

Founded in 2014


Series C

Total Amount of Funding: $546 million

Valuation: $4.1 billion

Bitpanda, an Austrian digital investment platform, enables users to invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and precious metals – all in one app.


liqid logo

Company Snapshot

Berlin, Germany

Founded in 2016


Series D

Total Amount of Funding: €164.9 million

The Berlin-based WealthTech is a digital asset manager focused on the investment needs of affluent private clients.


qapital logo

Company Snapshot

Stockholm, Sweden

Founded in 2013


Series B

Total Amount of Funding: $47.3 million

Qapital is an award-winning app designed to let you save, invest, and spend with any goal in mind.


investsuite logo

Company Snapshot

Louvain, Belgium

Founded in 2018



Total Amount of Funding: €9.6 million

A bit different from the prior mentioned companies but no less WealthTechy. InvestSuite operates as a WealthTech-as-a-Service helping financial institutions around the world serve their clients better with a suite of modern digital investment solutions.


additiv logo

Company Snapshot

Zürich, Switzerland

Founded in 1998



Total Amount of Funding: CHF21 million

The Swiss WealthTech is a Wealth Management platform offering its clients various solutions such as a Hybrid Wealth Manager or a Wealth Robo Advisor.


ginmon logo

Company Snapshot

Frankfurt, Germany

Founded in 2014


Series A

Total Amount of Funding: $6.74 million

Ginmon provides fully-automated online investment services to customers in Germany and Continental Europe. “Intelligent robo-advisor technology with ETFs”

And…you have reached the end of the list. By no means does this list cover all the incredible WealthTechs in Europe, but it does offer an insight into the companies paving the way for the FinTech wealth sector. It’s fair to say that we’re beyond excited to see what these WealthTechs have in store for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

Your Partner in Growth

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