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Given the current need, we asked our clients if they had any hints and tips around video interviewing.

Here are 8 of the best responses we received:

“I like to use Zoom as I can screen share whilst doing pair programming or whiteboarding exercises”

“Make sure you have the candidate’s phone number and they have yours, just in case something doesn’t work”

“We always test it with the candidate the day before to make sure it is working properly”

“It’s useful to have a couple of tech options for interviewing, depending on what the candidate has access to at the time. We use Google Hangouts and WhatsApp video calling”

“The person who interviewed me sent me an email before outlining the recommended dress-code for the interview and a bit of a running order”

“I just make sure my IT team is on standby should anything go wrong!”

“My advice would be to have a neutral background and be in a place where there is no noise. Candidate’s need to be able to focus to perform and there is a risk of them getting distracted”

“Send the candidate a link on an invite, that way it should be easy enough for them to log in to the call”