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Enhancing Your Banking Experience

Digital Banking has truly revolutionized our relationship with money and the way we interact with our bank account(s). Arguably the most popular FinTech subsector, Digital Banks enable users to control their entire bank account through a mobile app or web application. With the concept built on the foundation that there are no physical bank branches, customers are immersed in a truly digital banking experience.

With the world’s most popular Digital Banks servicing millions of customers, it’s safe to say that Digital Banking is here to stay. The sector’s rapid growth and consumer demand has lead to an ever growing demand for FinTech talent specializing in Digital Banking.

Closing The Talent Gap For Digital Banks

Storm2, your partner in growth, we promise to support you with your hiring needs by providing an industry-leading service. Through an introductory call, we learn about your company and your needs to better tailor our service to you. Not only are our consultants specialized in one of the five verticals, but they have also amassed a large network of candidates in their respective vertical.

Whether you are looking to hire a Digital Banking expert or an entire team, Storm2 are best placed to help. Our database of Digital Banking professionals holds a wealth of experience with candidates passionate about helping companies grow and succeed.



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How Does Storm2 Find Digital Banking Experts?

Following a discussion with our Commercial Lead, you will select one of our three recruitment plans that best meets your hiring needs. From there, our expert consultants will get to work sourcing candidates from our extensive database of senior talent that you will not find on the market’s surface. Once an offer is made, we manage the process for you and provide after-care support to ensure the smoothest hiring process for both parties.

What Makes Storm2 The Best At Recruiting Specialists To Work In Digital Banking Companies?

We provide a highly specialised approach to Digital Banking companies’ recruitment priorities and fill senior positions using our time- and cost-effective model. Because of our micro-niche approach to recruitment, each of our expert consultants focuses solely on one of the four key verticals required to scale a successful Digital Banking startup: DevOps & Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Risk & Compliance, Finance & Operations, and Product Management.

What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 To Find Digital Banking Candidates?

We work with Digital Banking startups on the cutting edge of innovation, poised to disrupt the key FinTech markets of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The companies we work with are typically Series A+ funded and looking for talent to fill leadership positions.