Recruitment specialists for WealthTechs, ranging from investment, money management to pension. Get in touch and one of our specialist consultants will reach out to support you with your hiring needs and growth plans.

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Catering To Your Wealth Management Needs

WealthTech or the less punchy term, Wealth Technology is one of the most popular and rapid growing subsectors within FinTech. With well designed and easy to navigate apps, WealthTech has made investing and/or saving easier and more accessible to the everyday consumer. Say goodbye to fighter jet looking interfaces and having to setup appointments with your local investment banker to watch your money grow.

Enter robo-advisors, neobrokers, trading platforms and much, much more. With investing becoming as simple as downloading an app and letting AI monitor your portfolio, it is no surprise that WealthTechs have hit home with consumers, experiencing a spike in demand. To sustain this, the need for FinTech talent specialized in WealthTech is apparent.

The WealthTech Recruitment Experts With An Award-Winning Service

Storm2, your partner in growth, we promise to support you with your hiring needs by providing an industry-leading service. Through an introductory call, we learn about your company and your needs to better tailor our service to you. We’ll help you choose one of our three resourcing solutions, the one that best matches your needs: Contingent, Exclusive Contingent and Partnership.

Our WealthTech recruitment specialists engage with senior FinTech talent on a daily basis and are specialized in the following verticals: Product Management, Sales & Marketing, DevOps and Engineering, Risk and Compliance and Finance and Operations. Not only are our consultants specialized in one of the five verticals, but they have also amassed a large network of candidates in their respective vertical.

Whether you are looking to hire a WealthTech expert or an entire team, Storm2 are best placed to help. Our database of WealthTech professionals holds a wealth of experience with candidates passionate about helping companies grow and succeed.


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How Does Storm2 Find The Best Candidates To Work On WealthTech Projects?

Beginning with discussions with our Commercial Lead, you will select one of our three recruitment plans that best meets your needs. Our WealthTech recruiters will then begin the process of sourcing candidates from our extensive database of top talent. We manage the process and provide after-care support once an offer is made to ensure that both parties have a smooth onboarding experience.

Why Does Storm2 Specialise In WealthTech Recruitment?

With the rise of FinTech making it easier to facilitate financial inclusion, Storm2’s mission is to assist businesses in scaling up with this goal in mind. WealthTech is one industry that not only helps people grow their existing assets, but also starts them on the path to building generational wealth.

What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 To Recruit Experts In WealthTech?

WealthTech startups that have chosen to partner with us are those that are on the verge of success and are looking for senior and executive-level professionals. We met their sourcing requirements after receiving Series A+ funding by placing leaders in the US, Canada, APAC, and Europe markets.