We’re Storm2, and we specialise in middle office tech recruitment. Contact us and one of our specialist consultants will contact you to assist with your hiring needs and growth plans.

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Streamlining Your Middle Office Needs

The need for a middle office arose as technology and transactions evolved and became more complex over time. It includes risk management, mitigation, and profit and loss calculations, ensuring that the organisation is in compliance with authorities.

Middle office technology enables fast-growing businesses to execute their ever-changing go-to-market strategy. Even in the face of ever-changing trends, our expert consultants have a thorough and technical understanding of the front office tech sector and can quickly identify the necessary and transferrable skills.

The Middle Office Tech Experts with And Award-Winning Service

Storm2, your partner in growth, we promise to support you with your hiring needs by providing an industry-leading service. Through an introductory call, we learn about your company and your needs to better tailor our service to you. We’ll help you choose one of our three resourcing solutions, the one that best matches your needs: Contingent, Exclusive Contingent and Partnership.

Whether you are looking to hire a FinTech expert or an entire team, Storm2 are best placed to help. Our database of FinTech professionals holds a wealth of experience with candidates passionate about helping companies grow and succeed.


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What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 To Find Experts In Middle Office Tech?

Our industry-leading service attracts middle office tech startups with Series A+ funding that are changing the way we invest. We are a dependable partner for your hiring needs in the United States, Canada, APAC, and Europe because of our track record of placing senior to executive-level professionals.

What Makes Storm2 Specialists In The Industry?

Each consultant has spent time building a database of industry-leading talent in Engineering and DevOps, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Operations, Risk and Compliance, and Product Management to meet your hiring needs. Unlike other recruiting partners, these experts are mostly passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for work but are open to speaking with you, which means we only present you with the best candidates.

How Does Storm2 Find Top Talent To Work In Middle Office Tech?

We begin by understanding your role and the type of candidate(s) you require after receiving your brief and deciding on a recruitment strategy. We search our network of highly specialised talent for the best candidates for your requirements, presenting you with a slew of qualified candidates to interview. We manage the process and provide after-care support once an offer is made to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.