Recruitment specialists for AccountingTechs, is revolutionizing the role of an accountant and automating the mundane tasks to improve tax fillings or bookkeeping’s. Get in touch and one of our AccountingTech recruiters will reach out to support you with your hiring needs and growth plans.

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Streamlining Your Accounting Needs

Bookkeeping, payroll, auditing, tax preparation, accounts payable, and accounts receivable have all been taken over by AccountingTech. Accounting technology enables accountants to do more with less, deliver exceptional service, and contribute to business success. These tools allow accountants to execute previously manual activities in a fraction of the time, reducing human error and allowing them to focus on other value-adding work.

Businesses have more time to engage on innovative problem-solving or cultivating client relationships now that AI and RPA have taken over mundane duties like onboarding clients. Accounting technology also helps accounting businesses in gaining a competitive advantage and levelling the playing field so that smaller firms can compete with industry giants.

The AccountingTech Experts with An Award-Winning Service

Storm2, your growth partner, pledges to assist you with all your hiring needs by providing industry-leading service. We learn about your company and its needs during an introductory conversation so that we may better tailor our service to you. Our AccountingTech recruiters are not only experts in one of the five verticals, but they’ve also built up a vast network of prospects in that field.

Whether you are looking to hire a AccountingTech expert or an entire team, Storm2 are best placed to help.



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How Do Storm2 Find AccountingTech Experts?

Beginning with discussions with our Commercial Lead, you will select one of our three recruitment plans that meet your requirements best. Our consultants will then get to work sourcing candidates from our database, which is brimming with top talent! Once an offer is made, we manage the process and provide after-care support to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

What Makes Storm2 The Best At Recruiting Specialists To Work In AccountingTech Companies?

Our mission is to provide a highly specialised approach to AccountingTech companies’ recruitment needs and priorities, and to fill senior positions in a timely and cost-effective manner. We take a micro-niche approach to recruiting, with each of our expert consultants focusing solely on one of the key verticals required to scale your AccountingTech startup: Engineering and DevOps, Sales and Marketing, Risk and Compliance, Finance and Operations, and Product Management.

What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 To Find AccountingTech Candidates?

We seek AccountingTech startups on the forefront of innovation, ready to disrupt the key FinTech markets of the United States, Canada, APAC, and Europe. These companies are typically Series A+ funded and are looking for talent to fill senior to leadership positions.