As recruitment specialists for the lending subsector, we help to connect critical talents for specialized FinTechs that empower the underbanked population via P2P lending, financing alternatives. Get in touch with our lending recruitment specialist today to help you scale your startup.

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Enabling Financial Inclusion

The rise in FinTech Lending has helped to contribute to making business financing and consumer loans much more accessible. As financial technologies and FinTechs evolve to define the lending landscape, the lending subsector has exploded in popularity in the underserved population as a viable alternative to traditional financial institutions. The future and success of the lending sector will continue to be dominated by the development of FinTech technologies.

Recruitment Solutions for An Inclusive Financial Future

Storm2 is dedicated to delivering top industry quality level of recruitment services to emerging lending FinTechs. We prioritize your business needs and success. We offer three types of resourcing solutions that is perfect for any business requirements: standard, exclusive and partnership.

Our lending recruiters specialize in connecting talents across Product Management, Data & Analytics, Engineering & DevOps, Sales & Marketing, Financial Operations and Risk & Compliance. To complement with your search, our global database boasts a network of relevant and highly talented professionals that are experienced in delivering success in your roles.



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What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 To Find Lending Specialists?

Our industry-leading service has drawn the attention of lending startups on the verge of growth, who have received Series A+ funding from investors. We have successfully placed mid to executive-level talent across the US, Canada, APAC and Europe with our feet on the ground in the core Lending markets.

Why Are Storm2 Experts In Lending Recruitment?

We only operate in the five key verticals required for the success of your lending startup. Our consultants immerse themselves in their market to build the strongest and most dynamic lending teams possible, ensuring that none of your resourcing needs are overlooked.

How Does Storm2 Recruit The Best Lending Candidates?

Discussions with the Commercial Lead kick off the process of working with us, where you select the best recruitment plan for your needs and a brief is agreed upon. Our consultants then search their extensive network of professionals who have been exclusively headhunted, ensuring that the talent we present to you is not available on the open market. We manage the process and provide after-offer care to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties after interviews have taken place and an offer has been accepted.