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Growth Analyst

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Growth Analysts who are experienced in driving generating results.

Storm2 has a range of highly qualified Growth Analysts who is responsible for driving significant and sustainable user growth across the lifecycle.

If you’re looking to hire a Growth Analyst or are looking for a new job, we can help. We work with forward-thinking FinTech firms to match them with Growth Analysts who are mission-driven and passionate about growth optimization.

The Growth Data Analyst is a key member of the growth responsible for creating data frameworks, building the data collection engine, running experiments, exploring the data, and being a catalyst for change through data-driven insights.

Growth Analyst responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring, optimizing, and reporting on marketing and growth metrics and split-test results. Make recommendations based on sound analytics, experimentation, and test findings.
  • Drive continual learning, optimizations, and outcomes across the company.
  • Using data to determine what product and marketing experiments to run, then actually running the experiments and sharing the results.
  • Develop frameworks, models, tools, and processes to ensure that analytical insights can be incorporated into all key decision-making.
  • Effectively present and communicate analysis and recommendations to executive leaders, managers, and teammates to drive business decisions.

Growth Analysts assist their teams in driving the best customer engagement, developing the frameworks needed to do so. Storm2 is thrilled to be collaborating with some of the FinTech industry’s top Growth Analysts.

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