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Growth Analyst

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Senior Data Scientists who are seasoned in supporting a data-driven culture.

Storm2 has a range of highly qualified Senior Data Scientists who oversee the company’s analytics to determine what best practices should be used to drive business growth.

If you’re looking to hire a Senior Data Scientist or are looking for a new job, we can help. We work with forward-thinking FinTech firms to match them with Senior Data Scientists who are mission-driven and passionate about the company’s vision and objectives.

The Senior Data Scientist is instrumental in helping the business continue its evolution into an analytical and data-driven culture.

This role supports relevant stakeholders through quantitative analytics, and the application of appropriate advanced analytics for the business’s key initiatives.

Senior Data Scientist responsibilities include:

  • Oversees activities of junior data analysts to ensure proper execution of duties that align with the business’s vision and objectives
  • Plays a key role in researching, designing, implementing, and deploying full-stack scalable data analytics vision and machine learning solutions to business issues
  • Designing, developing, and implementing data management systems of analytic frameworks
  • Playing a strategic role in formulating new and creative ideas for database collection
  • Providing insights to the data science department on trends, design, learning, and development cycles.

The Senior Data Scientist must be a result-oriented individual and exceptional interpersonal skills that make them better suited for the position. Storm2 is thrilled to be collaborating with some of the FinTech industry’s top Senior Data Scientists.

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