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Chief Technology Officer

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Chief Technology Officers who are experienced in driving engineering strategy.

Do you require the services of a Chief Technology Officer? Storm2 has a database of specialized Chief Technology Officers who understand broad technology trends and have the business knowledge required to align technology-related decisions with the results and objectives of the organization.

We work with forward-thinking FinTech firms, matching them with Chief Technology Officers who develop the technology vision and strategy necessary to improve a company’s products or services.

These senior experts are thought leaders in the industry with extensive technology experience.

A Chief Technology Officer uses technology to add value to a company and help it achieve its goals.

Chief Technology Officer responsibilities include:

  • Creating an enticing technology strategy and vision.
  • Understanding how technology can help a company achieve its goals (and how to utilise it to do so).
  • In the C-suite, I represent the technology team.
  • Putting together, hiring, and developing elite technology teams.
  • Developing a fantastic tech culture with a good reputation.
  • Organizational structure and business model
  • Acquisitions and mergers

Individuals who are well-versed in UI/UX design, user research, agile, DevOps, and cloud-based software development methods are the best Chief Technology Officers. We’re proud to say that Storm2 is currently working with some of the best Chief Technology Officers in FinTech.

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