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Engineering Manager

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Engineering Managers who are experienced in driving engineering strategy.

Storm2 offers a network of engineering specialists who plan, manage, and control an organization’s technical and engineering activities if you’re seeking an Engineering Manager.

We partner with forward-thinking FinTech firms, pairing them with Engineering Managers who are in charge of organizing engineering projects and ensuring that they operate smoothly, as well as giving supervision and direction to other engineers.

These senior engineers are industry thought leaders with substantial engineering experience.

An Engineering Manager is continually assessing emerging technologies and providing strategic, inventive, and cost-effective solutions to increase the company’s sites/efficiency, software’s dependability, and integration.

Engineering Manager responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining project budgets.
  • Managing the work of several teams.
  • Developing and implementing methods for meeting project deadlines.
  • Conducting research and designing new designs and products.
  • Determining the need for talent development and training.
  • Recruiting contractors and construction crews.
  • Ensuring that products are backed by senior management.

Giving engineering teams clear and precise directions.

An Engineering Manager possesses outstanding vision, excellent communication skills, and working knowledge of many engineering disciplines and how they interact. Storm2 is honoured to collaborate with some of the FinTech industry’s greatest Engineering Managers.

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