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Head of Business Development

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Heads of Business Development who are experienced in driving Marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for a Head of Business Development, Storm2 has a team of Business Development experts who have experience monitoring and directing sales, marketing, and account management, as well as establishing appropriate systems and operations to expand the client base.

We team up with innovative FinTech firms to find the perfect Business Development professionals that are passionate about expansion into new markets, new user acquisition, and brand awareness.

These senior executives are industry experts with extensive knowledge of business development.

A Head of Business Development is responsible for leveraging partners to sell to the right customers, leading sales and client relationship management, and tracking new markets and emerging trends.

Head of Business Development responsibilities include:

  • Establishing strong working relationships with customers, vendors, and distributors, as well as sales and marketing teams.
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of the company’s offerings in order to identify profitable business opportunities.
  • Presenting market research to marketing directors and making recommendations on how to expand market research.
  • Investigating emerging trends and recommending new company offerings to meet the needs of customers.
  • Developing and managing partnerships to grow business.
  • Choosing automation software and software platforms that best meet the needs of the company.

A successful Head of Business Development possesses strong communication and negotiation skills in order to cultivate the relationships required to propel the company forward. They have a thorough understanding of the business and how to sell it, as well as extensive marketing experience. Storm2 is proud to work with some of the FinTech industry’s best Heads of Business Development.

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