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FinTech is an incredibly innovative and fast-paced industry, so companies will be looking to hire people that are innovative themselves, can think on their feet and are not afraid to share their ideas with other colleagues. Even though it very much depends on the role and the company, there are standard questions that are likely to come up during your interview.


Whether you are applying for your first role in FinTech or you already have experience in the sector, nailing a FinTech interview comes down to quite a lot of preparation, especially if there is a case study involved. Preparing your answers to general questions will give you much more confidence in ensuring you get your point across and give the best examples of your experience to back up your skills.


Here are 7 common questions (and answers) for a FinTech interview:

1. What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

Be honest with the interviewers regarding your future goals, and show that you want to grow your career within the company. FinTech companies are looking to expand, and they will want to hire people that are in it for the long-run. It is also good to be realistic and understand how you can progress within the company and your own department.

2. What appeals to you about this position?

Review the job description and job requirements, and match your own abilities and passions to what the role entitles. This is a good chance for the interviewers to determine if you could be suitable for the position, and to show your motivation to join the team. Use this answer to show your strengths, and how your skills match with the role’s requirements. Ultimately, employers want to hire someone who is confident they can perform.


3. What do you know about us / Why do you want to work for this company?

This question will show that you did your research about the company, its teams and leaders, the products or services it offers and its mission. Interviewers want to check if you actually care about the business and show interest in the business’ mission. Be genuine with your answer and show your willingness to contribute to the company’s success, as well as your motivations for applying.


4. In what type of work environment do you see yourself thrive in?

Interviewers want to check if your mindset and personality fits with the company’s values. Startups are quite different from corporations, so it might be a dealbreaker if, for instance, you hate working in teams or don’t really like coming up with ideas. Make sure you read about the FinTech startup culture before you join the interview so you’ll know what is it like to work in FinTech and can tailor your answers based on this information, whilst keeping genuine about your own preferences. Ultimately, even if you haven’t worked in a startup before, you just have to show that you’re adaptable to new environments.



5. What steps would you recommend we take to improve our business?

Researching the company beforehand will give you a good general idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Think of aspects of the company that could be improved, no matter how small they are, or suggest upgrades to current products. This answer also shows your industry knowledge and your ability to come up with solutions for problems. FinTech companies are frequently faced with challenges that can be prevented, such as cyber risks, trouble with speed or tech issues with online apps, so showing that you are solution-driven will be an advantage.


6. What was the last thing you taught yourself?

FinTech employers are interested in hearing about your past work experience, but also your interests and plans for personal development. If you haven’t worked in FinTech before, this would be a good opportunity for you to mention online courses you have done or books about FinTech you have read, so you can show your knowledge of the industry. This answer also shows that you’re independent and proactive.


7. What can you bring to the role?

Interviewers are looking for someone who can stand out and explain why they are the best fit for the position. Be confident in explaining how your skills and mindset will help you succeed in this role. This is a chance for you to talk about your best attributes, what distinguishes you from the other candidates, or to mention any other qualification you haven’t been able to mention before.


If you are looking for new career opportunities in FinTech, reach out to us here. Alternatively, if you are looking to hire FinTech talent for your business, Storm2 has an extensive network of highly specialised FinTech professionals. Our expert consultants are happy to help you find the right people for your team and to guide you through the hiring process.

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