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Chief Information Security Officer

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Chief Information Security Officers who are experienced in driving IT security hardware strategy.

If you are looking for a Chief Information Security Officer or are looking for your next role as one, Storm2 has a variety of engineering professionals who ensure the safety and security of the business and its data.

We collaborate with forward-thinking FinTech companies, pairing them with CISOs who oversee the protection of the company’s and customers’ data, as well as the protection of infrastructure and assets from malicious actors.

These senior engineers are industry thought leaders with extensive experience in information security.

A Chief Information Security Officer is in charge of implementing security safeguards as well as training and educating employees. Because the majority of cyber security incidents are the result of employee error, a CISO must look both internally and externally for potential threats.

Chief Information Security Officer responsibilities include:

  • Triage when anything goes wrong and real-time analysis of urgent threats
  • Keeping up with emerging security threats and assisting the board in understanding potential security issues that may occur as a result of acquisitions or other major commercial transactions
  • Keeping an eye on internal employees to make sure they aren’t misusing or stealing data
  • Planning, purchasing, and deploying security hardware and software, as well as ensuring that IT and network infrastructure are built using best security practices
  • Ensure that only authorised individuals have access to sensitive data and systems.
  • Keeping ahead of security requirements by establishing risk-mitigation programmes or projects, such as regular system patches.
  • Identifying what went wrong in a data breach, dealing with people accountable if they are internal, and devising a strategy to avoid a repeat of the same catastrophe.
  • Ensure that all of the following initiatives run effectively and receive the resources they require, as well as that company leadership recognizes their significance.

Policy formulation and administration capabilities, financial, planning, and strategic management skills, supervisory and incident management skills, and thorough knowledge of legislation and standards compliance are all qualities that the top Chief Information Security Officers possess. Storm2 is proud to work with some of the best Chief Information Security Officers in the FinTech industry.

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