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Check out our Q & A with GigWage CEO Craig J. Lewis below!

Why Texas for FinTech?

In recent years, the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex has identified themselves as one of the top FinTech hubs in the United States.

Ranked number two in the US for Finance companies, Texas is home to major financial institutions such as Charles Schwab, JP Morgan, and Fidelity Investments. With their pre-existing network of major banking institutions, it’s no surprise that the two cities have welcomed 7,394 new Finance and Insurance companies since 2010.

With the backing of traditional banks like Charles Schwab and JP Morgan, digital payments is one of the fastest growing areas of FinTech in Texas. New demographics have suggested that Gen Z is often spending more than $45 billion a year with financial technology companies, and the future of the industry will bring diversification to the space.

One of the payments companies changing the way we pay is Gig Wage…

About Gig Wage

Located in Dallas, Texas, Gig Wage is building the financial infrastructure for the 1099 gig economy. To have a thriving environment for the gig economy, gig workers need access to health benefits, tax services, retirement services, credit, FSA/HSA, and insurance.

Changing the way companies value contractors, Gig Wage believes that businesses should have dedicated technology, strategies, and processes to pay, manage, and support their independent contractor workforce.

CEO and Founder Craig J. Lewis sat down to answer our questions about the payments industry in Texas, and where we go from here.

This video highlights…

  • Choosing Texas for your FinTech
  • The drivers in the Texas Payments market
  • Challenges in the Payments Industry
  • The overall tech scene in Texas
  • The role cryptocurrencies play in the Payments industry
  • How cryptocurrency has helped the Texas Payments market
  • Advice for companies starting out

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