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The Pros & Cons of Personal Financing Apps

The past few decades have brought so many technological advances to technology, personal finance apps arguably one of the biggest trends of the 21st century. Payments and digital banks are starting to emerge, and it may seem like cash is becoming obsolete.

Many people argue that cash is king and will never die out. With more of the population using cashless options – are personal finance apps a good or bad thing? Some of the Pros to personal financing are their…

  • Convenience
  • Lower chance of fraud
  • Easier to carry rather than a ‘big wallet’
  • Greater insight to your finances
  • Simplification complicated finance processes.

If you’re weary of the new FinTech trends, you’re not alone. When using these applications, you should be aware of…

  • Data usage needed
  • Complete reliance on technology
  • Cyber fraud
  • Extra fees on third-party apps
  • Potential loss of signal.

See our infographic on the The Pros & Cons of Personal Financing Apps

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