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Payments Evolution: Innovation Throughout History

From gold coins to digital wallets, the way people pay and how businesses receive payments have changed a lot. Throughout the past decades, the industry has heated up and made some amazing and innovative strides. It took 9,500 years to reach paper money, and in less than 60 the industry has nearly reached invisible payment.

Hundreds of companies offer financial services that carve up the payment process into smaller, more intricate parts. With the involvement of digitalization, the industry has turned into a complicated space. But how did we get here?

Having a wide range of payment options has allowed this fast-paced industry to transform and adapt to better suit the needs of the customer. See how we made it to our latest advancements below!

See our infographic on the evolution of the Payments industry!

Why Storm2?

The Payments Industry isn’t slowing down, and many companies are changing the game every day. we strive to connect disruptive FinTech companies to top FinTech talents to help companies scale. We connect experienced professionals that can help scale and build the next FinTech app that will disrupt the industry and improve consumers’ financial well-being. Contact us now to find out how we can support you and your startup to success.