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Wondering whether you should hire in December?

Many people will take advantage of the chance to unwind and bring the year to a natural finish as 2022 draws to a close. Having said that, we are aware of how alluring it is to postpone your hiring till the new year. However, there are more job applicants looking to start over at this time of year. It can be workers looking for new opportunities or unemployed folks hoping to change their situation in the new year. Whatever the cause, the outcome is a fantastic chance for recruiters to step up their game. Below is a list of the four reasons why you should hire in December.

1. Get a head start on the competition

Despite the fact that there are a lot of people looking for work in December, many businesses make the error of lowering recruitment as a priority. This presents you with the ideal chance to poach the top applicants from under the noses of your competitors. This will not only allow you to start the New Year with a larger headcount, but it will also allow you to unwind amid the January hiring rush. You’ll be in a position where you’ve seen some outstanding resumes and scheduled interviews, sure that one of them will be the best fit for the position. In the meantime, all your competitors are interviewing with the same applicants in a mad dash to hire the best talent in January.

2. Lost time in January = lost money

We are all familiar with how drawn out the on-boarding process is. By investing now and bringing them on board in December, you may use this time to finish your new hire’s induction. By starting and training before the new year, they will be ready to tackle the year on January 2nd! Additionally, you might discover that your new employee has a lot to offer your 2023 approach. If you need a candidate who can bring both innovation and entrepreneurship as well as new ideas, get them in the door right away so they can significantly contribute to your company’s 2023 vision.

3. Free time in December

In December, everyone seems to have more free time. Candidates will be enhancing their professional profiles in their free time. They’ll spend time updating their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. All social media platforms are being used more and more, and since candidates are so reachable, now is the ideal time to connect with and interact with them. This should essentially free up some key diary space for interviewing as your meetings and admin time decrease. Time management is essential for all parties involved in the hiring process, therefore with December quickly approaching, there is no better time than the present to find your new employee.

4. Not everyone celebrates Christmas

We live in a world made up of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and ideologies. It goes without saying that not everyone will celebrate the holidays in December.

Not all candidates will take time off during the Christmas season. So, it’s important to acknowledge this and leave room to carry on with your regular recruiting efforts.

How Storm2 can help

We assist in supporting FinTechs on their road to success as a global FinTech recruitment marketplace. If you are a FinTech looking to start your hiring process in December, we are here to help. Our specialist consultants are experienced to help FinTechs of any growth stage. Contact us now to find out how we can support you in your journey.