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Chief Operating Officer

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Chief Operating Officers who are experienced in driving Operations strategy.

If you are looking for a Chief Operating Officer for your business, Storm2 has a vast network of highly skilled Chief Operating Officers who direct and oversee the operating activities from start to finish.

We work with disruptive FinTech companies all over the world, connecting them with Chief Operating Officers who are well versed in implementing daily operations that are aligned with the business goal and the company’s strategies.

These senior executives are operations specialists with a wealth of experience.

A Chief Operating Officer will have exceptional judgement and leadership skills to make sure the organization executes strategies and plans in a timely and thorough manner.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsibilities include:

  • Measuring and improving the efficiency of an organization’s operational processes
  • Developing and ensuring the implementation of organizational growth strategies
  • Liaising between the organization and clients for the purpose of quality assurance
  • Ensuring that all employees, including senior management, have access to mentoring and coaching in order to maximise motivation
  • Creating and managing all operational budgets to ensure that the company has all the resources it needs to meet its objectives within agreed-upon financial parameters and maintain the company’s financial strength
  • Providing the operational team with the leadership and resources they need to complete operations initiatives successfully.
  • Working with human resources (HR) to ensure that recruitment and retention policies and processes are successful.
  • Reviewing operations on a regular basis to ensure that they meet required standards and recommending changes as needed.

The best Chief Operating Officer complements the CEO’s strengths and weaknesses and is in charge of the majority of operational functions. Storm2 is proud to have a network of the top Chief Operating Officers in the FinTech industry.

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