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Your Blockchain Recruitment Partner

As leading blockchain recruitment experts, our specialists can provide key business value and insights to help you navigate the market. Get in touch with our blockchain recruiters today to assist with your growth plans.

We understand the blockchain industry.

Our blockchain team exclusively work with blockchain businesses like yours. We understand the unique challenges, talent requirements, and expertise you need better than anyone else.

Blockchain startups we’ve partnered with

Why we’re leaders in FinTech recruitment


Strict quality benchmarks ensure we connect only the best talent.


So you know what’s happening at every step of the recruitment process.


First candidates in 72 hours from our deep candidate network.

Risk Free

We offer free replacement or a 90 day sliding rebate.


Expanded candidate pool through multi-channel search.


Our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver on what we promise, it’s as simple as that.

Blockchain revolutionizing FinTech

The blockchain technology, often associated as the technology that helped to invent bitcoin and other crypto-assets has made a transformative impact on the FinTech industry in myriad ways. From digitizing traditional financial processes into processes with increased security, efficiency, and transparent governance, to enabling inclusive and secure business networks, the blockchain technology is one of the key technologies influencing and powering the FinTech industry.

With blockchain being one of the key disruptors in the FinTech industry, it is going to create a multitude of opportunities within the FinTech industry. Our blockchain recruiters have a thorough and technical grasp in the blockchain sector and is able to quickly identify the necessary and transferrable skills even within the ever-changing trends.

Leading blockchain recruitment agency

Storm2 boasts an exceptional blockchain recruitment service distinguished by the quality of our network and market knowledge. Our blockchain recruiters are equipped with the latest market insights and trends to help you find your next hire.

Whether you are looking to hire your next blockchain executive or to scale your team, Storm2’s team of specialized blockchain recruiters will be able to deliver on your business needs.

Grow every team across your business

Our team of FinTech consultants excel at connecting the best FinTech talent with innovative clients globally.

Data & Analytics

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Data Officer, Head of Customer Insights, Growth Analyst, Senior Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst.

DevOps & Engineering

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Engineering, Senior Backend Developer, Senior Frontend Developer.

Finance & Operations

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Head of Finance, Head of Operations, Operations Manager.

Product Management

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Product Officer, Chief Product Architect, VP of Product, Director of Product Design, Senior Product Architect.

Risk & Compliance

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Risk Management, Legal Counsel, Risk and Compliance Manager, Senior Compliance Manager.

Sales & Marketing

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Business Development, Head of Customer Success, Head of Marketing, VP of Sales.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Are Storm2 Specialists In Blockchain Recruitment?

With blockchain being one of the key disruptors in the FinTech industry, it has created a multitude of opportunities. Our blockchain recruiters have a thorough and technical grasp in the sector and are able to quickly identify the necessary and transferable skills even within the ever-changing trends.

What Other Companies Rely On Storm2 As Blockchain Recruiters?

Our award-winning service has been relied on by Blockchain startups that have recently received institutional funding in the Series A+ range. We have positioned mid-level to executive Blockchain professionals that have played a key role in advancing FinTechs across the US, Canada, APAC, and Europe at their critical juncture of growth.

What Is The Process For Recruiting Experts In Blockchain?

Following discussions with our Commercial Lead about the best recruitment strategy for you, we get to work searching our extensive database of relevant professionals. We can ensure that only the best talent is headhunted and presented to you because each of our consultants specialises in the six verticals required to scale your Blockchain startup. Once an offer is made, we manage the process and provide after-care support to ensure the smoothest onboarding process for both parties.

Storm2 is great to partner with. Working with the team was more than just working with a vendor, it really did feel like a partnership. They provided constant feedback about the talent selection process which we were able to use to strengthen the process.

Erich JohnsonSenior Technical Recruiter at Zensurance

It was an absolute pleasure partnering with Storm2 for our recruitment needs. The team communicated regularly throughout the recruitment process and always provided professional, friendly and quality support. I would highly recommend using Storm2 as a dedicated talent partner for your hiring needs.

Andre Barwinski-BrownHead of People at Battleface

We’ve had great success working with Storm2 as our recruiting partner. The team always impress us with the speed and calibre of candidates provided, resulting in us making some critical hires sooner than expected. I highly recommend Storm2 and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Saiful KhandakerCEO & Founder at Fintech Ecosystem Development

Storm2 has consistently brought us high quality and engaged candidates that have resulted in some great new hires. Each recruiter and account manager I've partnered with has genuinely been a joy to work with!

Chelsea SearanHuman Resources at

My experience working with the team at Storm2 has been nothing short of excellent. We are a hyper-growth company, with roles that are not straightforward to fill. Our consultant, Daniel, was exceptionally patient, understanding of the brief, and quick to deliver candidate profiles that hit the mark. . . 10/10 would recommend.

Emilie RichieTalent Acquisition Manager at Taptap Send