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Senior Compliance Manager

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Senior Compliance Managers who are experienced in driving Compliance strategy.

Do you require a Senior Compliance Manager’s services? Storm2 employs a team of specialized Senior Compliance Managers who guarantee that the company meets its regulatory responsibilities, develops internal policies, and ensures that they are adhered to at all times.

We partner with forward-thinking FinTech companies, partnering them with Senior Compliance Managers who develop strategies and policies to ensure that businesses follow FCA laws and stay within the law.

These senior professionals are industry thought leaders with a wealth of compliance knowledge.

A Senior Compliance Manager is responsible for staying up to date on best practices and ensuring that the company’s internal policies reflect any changes.

Senior Compliance Manager responsibilities include:

  • Managing members of a team
  • Policy and process development
  • Keeping the company up to date on the latest legislation, regulations, and best practices
  • Providing advice to various departments
  • Performing annual compliance audits
  • Keeping and creating records
  • Inspiring and leading a compliance culture

The most effective Senior Compliance Managers will be detail-oriented, have sound judgement, and have a strong sense of ethics. Storm2 is proud to work with some of the best Senior Compliance Managers in the FinTech industry.

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