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Head of Marketing

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Heads of Marketing who are experienced in driving Marketing strategy.

Is your FinTech looking for a talented Head of Marketing? Or are you looking for a new position as Head of Marketing? Storm2 has a large network of highly skilled marketing professionals who have managed the marketing process from start to finish.

We work with disruptive FinTech companies all over the world, connecting them with Heads of Marketing who are passionate about developing marketing strategies to help them establish a brand and achieve an ROI.

These senior executives are marketing experts with a wealth of marketing knowledge.

From developing the marketing strategy to leading the marketing team, a Head of Marketing will oversee all marketing activities, ensuring the company is on track to reach its revenue and brand awareness targets.

Head of Marketing responsibilities include:

  • Develop strategies for all Marketing teams, including Digital, Advertising, Communications, and Creative.
  • Prepare and manage monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the Marketing department
  • Ensure that the brand message is strong and consistent across all marketing channels and efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages, and promotional material)
  • Determine customer personas
  • Recognize opportunities to reach new market segments and increase market share.
  • Monitor and analayze the competition (acquisitions, pricing changes and new products and features)
  • Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to boost brand awareness

The best marketing heads are obsessed with buyer personas and how to address customer pain points, they have excellent leadership qualities, and they are experts at brand building. We are proud to say that the Storm2 network includes some of the top Heads of Marketing in the FinTech space.

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