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Statistics about the FinTech Market in the Nordics

This infographic will offer an overview of our FinTech market research in the Nordics.

With some of the highest percentages of new technology adoption and mobile banking usage in the world and the fact that the Nordic region has some of the most powerful FinTech companies, this is why the region is a interesting space for the industry. 

The Nordics comprises of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Due to its capital-rich economy, Sweden plays a prominent role in supplying local funding and expertise for businesses. Finland, however, has seen a preference for state-backed investment through organisations like as Finnvera and Finnish industry investment. Denmark is ranked second in the Nordics as the leading FinTech Hub, which is a testament to the robust ecosystem in place as well as government-led efforts targeted at bolstering the FinTech and start-up sectors.

Sweden’s supremacy is likely best explained by the country’s robust ecosystem in terms of start-up financing and other resources. It also derives from a long history of open educational and technological access. Cultural factors play a major role in why FinTech and start-ups are more prevalent in Sweden, as well as the ecosystem’s strength.

Thee following infographic will demonstrate why there is significant enthusiasm around the FinTech market in the region and provides a deeper look at the Nordic FinTech sector.

fintech Nordics statistics facts Sweden

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