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Our DevOps & Engineering talent network is made up of senior Engineering professionals with FinTech-specific experience. We work with C-Suite and senior leaders in Europe, Asia and North America, that are sitting at the heart of FinTechs around the world, scaling internal systems and building digital products.

Our database is made up of Chief Technology Officers, Heads of DevOps, VPs of Engineering and Senior Developers who are defining the technical solutions, developing customised workflows and are subject matter experts for the top FinTech products currently in the market. They are skilled developers with strong coding experience and technically-versed in many of the core languages and who design and execute Tech vision and strategy everyday. They have strong experience in leading cross-functional teams across Engineering, Architecture, DevOps, QA and Mobile. Storm2 DevOps and Engineering candidates have a deep understanding of designing, building and scaling Cloud Infrastructure from scratch (AWS, GCP, Azure).

Whether you are looking to hire a Head of DevOps to manage your infrastructure, or a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to oversee front- and back-end development teams and projects, we have the right candidates for you. Our vast network of technically skilled individuals have experience within the FinTech sector and will bring incredible experience to your DevOps and Engineering teams.

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Roles we recruit for

Storm2 DevOps and Engineering candidates are experienced in designing and building APIs and microservices and producing high-quality, clean and scalable code and are experienced in designing and building APIs and microservices using at least one of the core languages (Python, GoLang, Java, C#, Bash). They have a deep understanding of designing, building and scaling Cloud Infrastructure from scratch (AWS, GCP, Azure) and Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible, Cloudformation).

Many of our DevOps talent network have experience leading and mentoring teams of engineers, coordinating with C-Suite members, and working with other areas of the business, acting as technical experts and bridging the gap between 'techies' and customer-focused roles. They work closely with Product and Sales teams to ensure an empathetic understanding of the product to provide the best possible service to customers and clients.

As DevOps and Engineering recruiters, we speak to the very best senior Engineering talent everyday. Our focus on the FinTech industry means that we are best placed to build and expand your team to help achieve your mission.

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Other specialisms we recruit for

As FinTech specialists, we mirror a FinTech’s internal verticals. We also recruit for the following areas.

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