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Chief Commercial Officer

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Chief Commercial Officers who are experienced in driving Marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to employ a Chief Commercial Officer or are looking for a new job, Storm2 has a range of highly qualified Chief Commercial Officers who are experienced in developing and executing commercial strategies whilst also having a mix of marketing, sales, and customer service expertise.

We work with innovative FinTech companies to match them with Chief Commercial Officers that are mission-driven and enthusiastic about increasing business growth and market share.

These senior commercial executives are industry experts with an array of commercial knowledge.

A Chief Commercial Officer ensures the company’s success by developing marketing strategies to generate sales, which leads to increased profitability. CCOs must have regular contact with public consumers, as well as experience in profitable profit generation and identifying market gaps in order to find additional market opportunities.

Chief Commercial Officer responsibilities include:

  • Analysing marketing activity and developing sales plans to market product
  • Hiring and managing the commercial sales team, including motivating and evaluating their performance.
  • Increasing company profit and providing financial and revenue support to the rest of the organization
  • Setting realistic and attainable goals and implement marketing strategies to achieve them.
  • Generating the sales of a company designed to achieve specific sales objectives

Chief Commercial Officers with extensive product or service knowledge, marketing expertise, and the ability to build strong relationships are the best Chief Commercial Officers. Storm2 is delighted to be working with some of the FinTech industry’s best Chief Commercial Officers.

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