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FinTech City Guides

As the FinTech world continues to diversify, many companies are looking for the best locations to have their headquarters. We’ve compiled a list of the top FinTech cities and how each location has a unique set of qualities to consider.

What is a FinTech city?

A FinTech city is where a large pool of industry talent and companies have come to call home. An ecosystem of global financial service companies, a sound tech infrastructure, and strong work ethics from the population allow cities to stand out. The knowledge of what each location brings to the table could be crucial when looking for your next FinTech city.

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Dallas as a FinTech

Dallas has come to play a major role in US FinTech Hubs. Having an existing business-friendly environment, it’s no surprise that the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex became a natural location for FinTechs to emerge and grow. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas has been able to grab the number 10 spot in the US FinTech ecosystem rank, creating an influx of financial investments.

As more companies are moving their operations to become Dallas-based, we’ve compiled a list of essentials to help you succeed.

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London as a FinTech

The London FinTech market has grown rapidly over the last few years.

Huge funding into some of the most innovative FinTech start-ups has created a high level of competition. This has led to exciting advancements in technologies, which has led to more investment, and so on!

Finance companies and technology companies work within a close proximity to each other, which also drives competition and innovation.

London is also an attractive place for people to work. These reasons have ultimately created the perfect conditions for London to stake it’s claim as the FinTech capital of the world.

London has always been an important FinTech city so we’ve compiled a list of essentials to help you succeed. 

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San Francisco as a FinTech

It’s no surprise that San Francisco is the world’s leading hub for FinTech. Due to the city’s competitive landscape, favorable rules, talent, and financial power, they are the best example of how to create and maintain a vibrant FinTech hub.

San Francisco has shown great strength in InsurTech, Lending, Payments, B2B FinTech, RegTech, and Wealth Management and has attractive FinTech-friendly rules making the city a popular place to call home. With these in place, San Fran has allowed for market-shaping innovations to occur.

So many FinTech’s already call San Francisco “home”, we’ve compiled a list of essentials to help you succeed.

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New York as a FinTech

New York is the city where FinTech never sleeps. Classified as the 5th biggest FinTech hub in the world, New York is the centre for financial innovation and ground-breaking ideas that are shaking up the FinTech scene.

The proximity of large companies, hedge funds, and leading banks that are headquartered in the city makes it easier for start-ups to gather funds and support.

With a population of more than 8.5 million people, New York City is packed with creativity, talent, and endless possibilities.

 We’ve compiled a list of essentials to help you succeed in the city that never sleeps

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Boston as a FinTech

Boston is rapidly becoming FinTech’s Breakout Star. Having an existing high-tech innovation reputation, local entrepreneurs are collaborating and creating different ways to invest, save, pay, & more. There are currently over 100 Fintech Startups growing and emerging in Boston.

If you are looking for new opportunities in FinTech, this document talks about why Boston is a great place to be, some tips around living in Boston (if you don’t already), and a list of 30 great FinTech companies who call Boston home.

 Are you curious about what Boston has to offer?

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Miami as a FinTech

Miami is an emerging US FinTech Hub known for being a crypto-friendly city. The lack of state income tax and support from Miami’s mayor (Francis Suarez) makes this city have a very friendly business environment. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, migration to Miami has accelerated. As a result, Miami is ranked 20th in the global fintech hubs.

There’s no doubt the FinTech space is expanding globally, making the industry competitive for start-ups. Miami’s proximity to major Latin American markets has drawn tech investors as this Fintech Hub is diverse and open to new innovative ideas. The opportunities for growth in Miami provide an excellent base for Fintech start-ups looking to expand.

As more companies are moving their operations to Miami, we’ve compiled a list of essentials to help you succeed. Have a look at the preview!

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