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Finance and Operations in FinTech

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In our latest interview, Commercial Manager of Storm2 Singapore, TJ Chan sat down with Finance & Operations Associate of Storm2 Singapore, Matthias Sim as he shares about:

  • The First Hire You Should Make In Finance & Operations Function
  • When To Make Your COO/CFO Hire
  • How Long It Takes To Hire a Strong COO/CFO
  • The Common Challenges of Finance & Operations Hire
  • The Ideal Finance & Operations Team and Reporting Structure in a FinTech

“Some clients only start looking out for Chief Operations Officer or Chief Financial Officer FO roles when they have reached Series B onwards etc and want to fill these roles urgently as the scale of the position is getting too much for the CEO/Co-Founders to handle. The reality is that is it not easy to find the right talent and it takes time to find a suitable candidate. Inversely, by delaying such hires, this can be detrimental to the business if they take too long to hire these headcount in terms of ROI as they could have contributed more to the business in terms of fundraising etc or better streamlining of operations if they were brought in earlier.”

Matthias Sim, Finance & Operation Associate of Storm2

How Storm2 Can Help

Finding the right Finance and Operations candidate can help companies in their fundraising activities, establish a strong branding in the industry and eventually pave the way for your startup to succeed. Finance and Operations roles are often overlooked at initial funding stages as there is a strong reliance on the founder/CEO’s expertise due to lack of budget or resources.

Along with the growth of the company, we noted that the clients we worked with for COO/CFO hires is often a race against time due to the strong need for such roles and the time required to find the right candidate for the job. Putting off your Finance and Operations hires due to the constraint of budget and resources might sound like a good idea initially, but it can eventually result in complications in later stages of your growth but we make it easier. Our team of specialist consultants are skilled to identify the hiring gaps within your startup and to connect you with our strong network of FinTech professionals. Looking to make your next Finance and Operations hire? Chat with us now.