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10 FinTechs Revolutionizing Finance in Germany 

By November 28, 2023No Comments6 min read

Germany has emerged as a hub for FinTech innovation, with Berlin at the forefront of this technological revolution. This vibrant city has become a breeding ground for innovative financial startups, leveraging its tech-related talent pool and favorable business environment. In this article, we will explore the top FinTech companies in Germany, their unique offerings, and their impact on the financial industry. 

N26: Redefining Banking for the Digital Age 


N26One of the leading challenger banks in Europe, N26 is revolutionizing traditional banking by offering a seamless mobile-only banking experience. Founded in Berlin, N26 has rapidly gained popularity and now boasts over 2.5 million customers across 24 European markets, with total deposits exceeding €1 billion. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, N26 aims to replace traditional banking players and provide customers with a modern, user-friendly banking alternative. 

Despite its success, N26 has faced some challenges along the way. Germany’s financial regulator identified certain shortcomings related to staffing levels, outsourcing, and engineering. Additionally, there have been concerns regarding security and money laundering. However, how N26 addresses these issues will shape the future of FinTech in Europe. 

Friday: Simplifying Car Insurance with Transparency 


FRI:DAYFriday is an InsurTech company that aims to simplify car insurance by offering transparent and flexible policies. Unlike traditional insurers, Friday bills customers based on the number of kilometers they drive, providing a fair and personalized pricing model. With a user-friendly mobile app and online system, Friday eliminates the need for paperwork and simplifies the insurance process. Since its inception in 2017, Friday has acquired over 45,000 customers and secured €114 million in funding. 

wefox Group: Empowering Customers with Data Ownership 


wefoxWefox Group is on a mission to make data ownership a basic human right in the insurance industry. The company operates two business entities – wefox and ONE. Wefox serves as a digital marketplace for insurance, connecting customers with insurance providers, while ONE acts as a digital insurer operating within the wefox marketplace. With a focus on data privacy and transparency, Wefox Group ensures that customers have full control over their data. Currently serving over 250,000 customers per month, Wefox Group has secured more than $160 million in funding. 

Finleap: Building a Fintech Ecosystem in Berlin 


finleapConsidered a fintech hub, Berlin owes much of its reputation to Finleap. Over the past five years, Finleap has launched 16 fintech companies and acquired others, with the goal of building a comprehensive fintech ecosystem in Germany’s capital city. Some notable companies within the Finleap ecosystem include Penta, a digital bank for SMEs; ELEMENT, a white-label insurtech factory; solarisBank, a platform for banks to develop digital products; and Clark, a leading digital insurance broker. Finleap’s ecosystem serves as a litmus test for the Berlin fintech scene. 

Raisin: A Pan-European Marketplace for Savings and Investments 


Raisin logoRaisin is transforming the way individuals save and invest by providing a pan-European online marketplace. With Raisin, customers can easily navigate a wide range of savings and investment options from multiple institutions, all within a single account. Currently, Raisin has over 170,000 customers in more than 30 countries, collaborates with 76 banks, and manages over €12 billion in assets. The company has also secured over $178 million in funding. Raisin’s innovative approach aims to empower individuals to build their financial futures efficiently and effectively. 

Taxfix: Simplifying Tax Declarations with Technology 


taxfixTaxfix is tackling the complex world of taxes by simplifying the process and saving German taxpayers money. This Berlin-based company offers a conversational interface for filling out tax declarations, providing users with a straightforward and user-friendly experience. By answering a series of questions, users can calculate their tax refunds instantly. If satisfied, Taxfix prepares and electronically submits the tax documents to the appropriate tax office. With €45 million in funding, Taxfix is transforming the way individuals approach tax declarations. 

Neufund: Revolutionizing Stock Exchanges with Blockchain 


NEUFUNDNeufund aims to disrupt traditional stock exchanges by leveraging blockchain technology. This Berlin-based company provides a trading platform for Equity Token Offerings (ETO), a hybrid investment model combining elements of an IPO, an ICO, and a VC round. By issuing equity tokens on the blockchain, Neufund enables companies to secure funding through public or private placements. To date, Neufund has secured €15 million in VC and ICO funding, paving the way for a new era of fundraising and investment. 

ELEMENT: Empowering Companies with White-Label Insurtech Solutions 


ELEMENT, part of the finleap ecosystem, is a white-label insurtech factory that empowers companies to build their own insurtech solutions. By leveraging proprietary technology and expertise, ELEMENT manages the entire insurance value chain, including actuarial calculations, underwriting, policy administration, and claims management. This Berlin-based company has secured €51 million in funding, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize the insurance industry by providing scalable and customizable solutions for businesses. 

solarisBank: Enabling Digital Banking Products with API Solutions 


SolarisBankAnother member of the finleap ecosystem, solarisBank provides API solutions for companies seeking to build digital banking products. By treating various banking services as building blocks, solarisBank offers a modular approach for creating tailored banking services. These services include bank accounts, KYC services, algorithmic scoring, transactions, and payment cards. With a focus on regulatory compliance, solarisBank assists companies in navigating the complex landscape of banking regulations. The company has raised €95.1 million in funding, solidifying its position as a key player in the digital banking sector. 

Clark: Digitizing Insurance Brokerage Services 


CLARKClark, also part of the finleap ecosystem, is the leading digital insurance broker in Germany. The company provides customers with a digital platform to compare and purchase insurance policies, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Clark also offers a white-label digital insurance platform for banks, insurers, and brokers, enabling them to provide their customers with innovative insurance solutions. With $43.8 million in funding, Clark is reshaping the insurance industry by leveraging technology to simplify and streamline insurance processes. 

In conclusion, the top 10 FinTech companies in Germany are driving innovation and reshaping the financial industry. These companies are leveraging technology to provide seamless and user-friendly solutions, whether it’s mobile banking, insurance, investment platforms, or tax services. With their innovative approaches and substantial funding, these companies are poised to transform the financial landscape and continue to drive the growth of the FinTech sector in Germany. 

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