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The Future of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was used predominantly for cryptocurrencies. Now, the demand for blockchain technology and blockchain talents are growing due to the various practical use cases. The reliability of users on financial institutions has increased to complete their day-to-day electronic transaction has created a massive user demand within the blockchain industry. As of today, blockchain is one of the fastest growing subsectors of the FinTech industry.

It is expected that by end of 2024, companies will spend $20 billion a year on blockchain technical services. Some benefits of blockchain are the increased transparency, accurate tracking, permanent ledger, cost reduction and more. The immense effect and potential of blockchain can be witnessed globally with more than 20 countries experimenting and adopting the concept of a national cryptocurrency.

However, with the benefits and potential that the blockchain technology holds comes with the potential drawbacks like its complexity nature, regulatory implications, implementation challenges, etc. There has also been a rise in blockchain hacks with an estimated of $2 billion worth cryptocurrency stolen since 2017.

In our LinkedIn Live: Deep In The Blockchain, it was hosted by our Commercial Manager, TJ Chan and our guest speakers, Dr Michael G Kollo, CEO of Clanz and Evan Auyang, Group President of Animoca Brands as they will be discussing the topics around the blockchain technology, challenges of blockchain and its limitless potential.

Check out the full event below:

How Storm2 Can Help

As a specialized recruiter in connecting FinTech talent with disruptive FinTechs, we work with the most innovative Blockchain companies worldwide and a deep database of candidates from the blockchain background. If you’re a blockchain FinTech looking to hire a blockchain specialist to grow your team, we have specialized candidates ready for you to connect with. Get in touch with us now.