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Risk and Compliance in FinTech

Risk and Compliance is an increasing concern for FinTech companies as FinTech tread on grey areas of traditional finance and advancing technology. With regulators keeping a close eye on this booming industry, we have noticed an increase in Risk and Compliance roles.

In our latest interview, Commercial Manager of Storm2 Singapore, Stephanie Garcia sat down with our Risk and Compliance Managing Associate of Storm2 Singapore, Sophia Ng as she discusses the importance of Risk and Compliance, what to look out for when hiring such roles and when to make the hire.

Risk and Compliance hire should be made from the start, even if companies are at Pre-Seed stage, it doesn’t matter what kind of funding round they are at. If we look across funding stages, it is obvious that this team is the smallest in the entire organization. I believe if a company or organization advances along with the industry, they should have a good Risk and Compliance framework in place. It can eventually strengthen and look to making it even better as the company starts to scale.”

How Storm2 Can Help

At Storm2, we know how important the right hire is for emerging startups. Finding the ideal Risk and Compliance candidate can be challenging, but we make it easier. Our team of specialist consultants are skilled to identify the hiring gaps within your startup and to connect you with our strong network of FinTech professionals. Looking to make your next Risk and Compliance hire? Chat with us now.