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How To Overcome Gender Bias In The Hiring Process

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Gender bias is a barrier that we must all proactively work to overcome. This is of paramount importance during the hiring process, as everyone, regardless of gender, should be given an equal opportunity.

In a recent LinkedIn Live event, we spoke to a range of industry experts and discussed how effective anonymous resumes are at combating gender bias, the importance of employers’ active efforts to combat barriers to inclusion in interview processes, as well as providing actionable advice from hiring managers, and hearing from our panelists on how they marketed themselves on their resumes to secure the positions they hold now.

The following tips are intended to promote greater gender balance in a traditionally male-dominated market. It is not always enough to remove bias; we should also consider making it easier and more accessible for women to progress through the hiring process.

Tips for Hiring Managers

Gender Bias Hiring Managers


Tips for Candidates

Gender Bias Candidates

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