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When speaking with early-stage startup founders, we’re often asked for advice around what specific teams should look like in order to have a successful next funding round. This data-driven resource contributes value to your organization by offering market knowledge and industry statistics about how funding advancement occurs. 

The data gathered in the report are from 90 companies within the blockchain sector of FinTech, mainly US based companies.

Each funding stage brings about it’s own challenges and opportunities, and the founders we speak to often only think about team structures once the funding round is complete.

We hope that by presenting this data, we can help you think ahead and understand what hiring you might need to focus on in order to progress through to your next round. The key take out of this research should be to make sure all hiring managers are privy to your goals for each funding stage, in order for them to be able to plan for the team dynamic they need to achieve the funding round goals.

Download your copy of Storm2’s ‘Team Sizes At Different Funding Stages: Blockchain Edition’ report below.