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Successful funding rounds in the startup stages are crucial for a majority of FinTech companies. We’re often asked for advice around how team sizes should be distributed amongst the different funding stages in the InsurTech sector. This data-driven resource is designed to contribute value to your organization by offering market knowledge and industry statistics about how funding advancement occurs.

The InsurTech industry has seen significant growth and the incorporation of new technologies in the insurance industry has resulted in a dire need for new talent to accommodate for these new processes.

The data gathered in this report are from 97 companies within the InsurTech sector of Fintech – the majority of them being US-based.

This whitepaper goes into depth about the ideal InsurTech team size in each funding stage (Pre-Seed to Series D+) and gives a better understanding on what job titles are most necessary. 

The whitepaper aims to answer the following questions:

  • What is the ideal ratio for your funding size?
  • When is the right time to hire?
  • What target areas are most important for growth?

Check out our sneak preview & download the full version below!

Download your copy of Storm2’s ‘Team Sizes at Different Funding Stages: InsurTech’ whitepaper below.