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Director of HR

Storm2 has a deep network of skilled Directors of HR who are experienced in driving Operation strategy.

Is your FinTech looking for a talented Director of HR? Or are you looking for a new position as Director of HR? Storm2 has a large network of highly skilled human resource professionals who have managed all staff in HR Operations. We work with disruptive Fintech companies all over the world, connecting them with Directors of HR who are passionate about culture/employee experience and innovative ways to contribute to their organizations

These senior capital executives are industry gurus with a wealth of Human Resource knowledge.

The Director of HR will be responsible for overseeing the daily workflow of the department, handling discipline/termination of employees in accordance with company policy, and facilitating professional development training

Director of HR responsibilities include:

  • Collaborates with senior leadership to understand the organization’s goals and strategy related to staffing, recruiting, and retention.
  • Maintains knowledge of trends, best practices, regulatory changes, and new technologies in human resources, talent management, and employment law; applies this knowledge to communicate changes in policy, practice, and resources to upper management.
  • Plans, leads, develops, coordinates, and implements policies, processes, training, initiatives, and surveys to support the organization’s human resource compliance and strategy needs.
  • Conducts research and analysis of organizational trends including review of reports and metrics from the organization’s human resource information system (HRIS) or talent management system.
  • Identifies staffing and recruiting needs; develops and executes best practices for hiring and talent management.
  • Develops and implements departmental budget.
  • Facilitates professional development, training, and certification activities for HR staff.

A successful Director of HR has excellent leadership abilities and the capacity to propel the organization forward. They have a thorough understanding of the employment-related laws and regulations as well as exceptional negotiation, interpersonal and communication abilities. Storm2 is proud to work with some of the best Directors of HR in the Fintech industry.

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