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Almost 90% of men and women have a bias against women. This is especially evident during the hiring process, where our unconscious or conscious bias tends to favour male candidates over female candidates. We must work to overcome gender bias in order to provide equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of gender.

During a recent LinkedIn Live event, we spoke with a variety of industry experts about how effective anonymous resumes are at combating gender bias, the importance of employers’ active efforts to combat barriers to inclusion in interview processes, providing actionable advice from hiring managers, and hearing from our panellists about how they marketed themselves on their resumes to secure the positions they now hold.

This report builds on our overcoming gender bias infographic by going into greater detail about how to promote greater gender balance in a traditionally male-dominated market.

Check out our sneak preview & then download the full version below!

Like what you see? Download your copy of Storm2’s Identifying and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Hiring Process below!