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The FinTech industry is fast-paced and rapidly growing. The demand for talent is incredibly high and there is a shortage of
candidates. With FinTechs fighting for talent, the question remains – how do you secure the best talent?

A core component is the interview process candidates go through. As a recruitment company specializing in the FinTech
industry, we have noticed that the interview process is often a make or break in the hunt for candidates. A process that is too
short may leave the candidate with unanswered questions about the role and/or the business. Too long, and the candidate
begins to lose interest or is snapped up by a competitor. So what does the Perfect Interview Process look like?

The ideal process should only have 3-4 stages and should be wrapped up within a month, even better if it is completed in 3
weeks. When we talk about the interview process, we mean from the moment contact is made with the candidate to the point
where they sign the contract. In order to optimize your interview process, we have created a step-by-step guide.

The paper will also look at the process that occurs when the candidate signs the contract, the onboarding stage. Your candidate
has signed the contract you presented them – that is great news, congratulations, but you are not out of the woods just yet. The
onboarding process is just as important as the hiring process. Making the candidate feel welcome and proud to be part of your
company is crucial to making sure that they do not change their mind.

Check out our sneak preview & then download the full version below!

Your Partner in Growth

As the FinTech industry continues to grow, so does the need for talent to facilitate this. At Storm2 we have specialized in connecting FinTech talent with disruptive FinTech players such as yourself. We can assist in any stage of your growth by connecting you with the right people. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to see how we can help and support you in your journey and with your recruitment needs.